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    The R-12 Total Body Fitness program was created by our fearless leader, Paul Rubio and is a group fitness class like no other. It is NOT a wannabe Crossfit – it is a whole body workout that is customized for each member no matter the age or fitness level. The training changes to combat muscle memory, members are measured monthly (or more based on the motivation needed) and each member is hooked up to a MyZone® Personal Effort Monitor to keep members focused for the best results possible during their workout. But don’t take our word, sign up today for a FREE one five day trial and see what the Elite Fitness Family provides. Walk ins Welcome!




    How Does R-12 Fitness Work?

    R-12 Total Body Fitness is the hottest workout in town and customized for any age and fitness level.

    • Includes boxing, and single and multi-joint exercises
    • Eliminates cons of each type of workout
    • A structured workout to meet each individual’s goals “rep and weight factor”
    • Rest Factor: We give the muscle groups enough time recover
    • Change the fitness program every month “prevents the muscle plateau effect”
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    Limited Time Offer - Call us today at (925) 967-3265 to sign up for a FREE 2 DAY FITNESS PASS! Includes unlimited classes for 2 days, measurement and weigh-in to track results and free fitness consultation. This limited time offer is for new clients only and requires purchase of gloves and hand wraps to participate.

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